Unprecedented Times

Deep sadness has been replaced by boredom, anxiety and hope.

Thursday night, flying from Newark to Raleigh it hit me. A deep sadness. I was supposed to fly to Savannah to watch my daughter play golf but she had just been told her season was over. On the plane – watching day one of The Players tournament – then cancelled. Then the Masters. The NCAA and NBA had already pulled the plug.

Sports matter to me. Their seasonal cadence helps us along but they were abruptly gone and I had a child wondering what next? I had no answers. So, yes, I was sad. Sad that it happened, sad that it had to happen. Perhaps you were too.

I am no longer sad. I am bored, hopeful, anxious. Expectant of a lockdown and hopeful it does the job. But no one really knows what this looks like in weeks and months and that brings anxiety.

Happy to reschedule work but will demand still be there in fourth quarter? Or will we be mired in an economic slowdown?

We don’t know. Keep calm and carry on is all I know. I have time. Time to do some projects I had been putting off. To exercise (until they close the gym). To golf. To be with family. To read.

Time, our most precious commodity is now abundant and few of us know what do?

What will you do with this abundance of time? I am making a list. It’s a start.

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