Leadership Development: Workshops

Research shows that repetition and reinforcement are essential ingredients in any education effort. Any well designed curriculum incorporates these key learning concepts into the design process. FireStarter Speaking and Consulting offers an array of workshops that will be tailored to help you meet your unique business challenges. In an ideal setting we deliver a series of workshops over time to help your people. We favor ½ day sessions. Let’s face it, you need production from attendees and they don’t want to be away from work for eight hours at a time. We have designed our curriculum to deliver the best bang for the buck in a the most effective and efficient manner.

Each of these workshops can stand alone to deliver superior content to your teams. They can also be combined to craft an integrated solution that helps attendees get better at their jobs by allowing time for them to use new concepts on the job before coming back into the classroom for new instructional modules.

Essentials of Communication

This program is designed to help employees at all levels communicate more effectively. Attendees will learn their own behavioral style and that of co-workers. They will learn the value of each behavioral style and how to interact with all types.

Objectives of the program:

  • Identify your own style of communication and that of co-workers
  • Understand the process of communication
  • Recognize barriers to effective communication
  • Assume responsibility for sending and receiving clear messages
  • Develop strategies to communicate more effectively

Advanced Communication

Skills developed in this course build on the Essentials of Communication Course. More complex interpersonal issues are addressed, as are specific concerns and needs requested by participants in the essentials class.

Objectives of the program:

  • Review the behavioral styles
  • Develop winning strategies for effective communication
  • Understand the aggressive-assertive-passive continuum
  • Recognize the power of an apology
  • Communicate more effectively at all levels
  • Develop strategies for effective conflict resolution

Time Management

Skills developed in this course will help attendees be more productive through a fuller understanding of their own unique styles and strengths of time management. The Time Mastery Profile will be used.

Objectives of the program:

  • Review the behavioral styles


Motivating Employees

An interactive program designed to provide participants with usable skills for effectively motivating employees at all levels. Scenarios are used to highlight realistic situations with employees and other stakeholders. This program has been approved previously for AIA CEUs.

Objectives of the program:

  • Understand what motivates people
  • Identify and practice effective strategies for motivating people
  • Increase employee performance through targeted intervention
  • Incorporate proactive strategies to foster employee motivation

Leadership v. Management

This is an introductory program to help all attendees understand what it means to be a leader. The course will allow new leaders and those soon-to-be leaders to develop the language and behaviors of best-of-class leadership practices early in their careers. This program has been approved previously for AIA CEUs.

Objectives of the program:

  • Understand the fundamental differences of leadership and management
  • Describe the role and importance of individual leadership
  • Discuss the privilege and responsibility of leading

No Yelling

US Marines are known and respected the world over for their leadership ability. How do they do it? What do they know that enables them to be such successful leaders on active duty and then in the civilian sector? This presentation reveals the nine essential behaviors that make up the foundation of leadership. The experiences shared in over one hundred interviews with current and former Marines illustrate the importance of balancing the elements of influence and control. Loaded with examples of what this leadership looks like, and how to do it in the trenches, on the shop floor, and in the office. While other leadership presentations talk about having a strategy, NO YELLING shows you how to execute the strategy and accomplish the mission with your people. This program has been approved previously for AIA CEUs.

Objectives of the program:

  • Learn the three laws of leadership
  • Understand the relationship between trust and performance
  • Highlight role of the leader in shaping values

Basic Negotiation

This introductory program helps attendees with the many interpersonal negotiations they conduct everyday. This program will address personal styles and how they play in the negotiation process.

Objectives of the program:

  • Recognize the process of negotiation
  • Assess personal styles of negotiation
  • Remove fear and anxiety from negotiations
  • Apply lessons learned

Essentials of Coaching

This program helps attendees develop their coaching skills to help others succeed. The course provides senior leaders with the tools, knowledge, and skills to effectively correct deficient employee behavior and to develop the bench.

Objectives of the program:

  • Understand and implement processes for regular reflection and feedback
  • Recognize and promote activities that enhance trust
  • Utilize a proven process to coach for success
  • Discuss the impact of effective coaching on performance

Team Leadership and Reinvention

Leading teams is not the same as leading people. While the principles are similar the execution is different and new techniques must be employed to generate consensus and build and lead high-performing teams. At the same time, being part of team is a unique role we all face also.

Objectives of the program:

  • Identify and apply techniques for developing high performing teams
  • Recognize opportunities to maximize team performance
  • Understand the reinvention process
  • Develop good team member skills
  • Discuss the concept of the thematic goal for teams
  • Identify barriers to team growth

Self-Awareness for Leadership Effectiveness

This is a highly interactive program that uses Myers-Briggs Type Indicator where participants walk away with immediately usable skills that can be applied on the job for success. The focus is on self-awareness and personality type preferences. Employees will learn about their own preferences and those of their colleagues.

Objectives of the program:

  • Recognize your personal style and that of others
  • Review key behaviors for successful leadership
  • Incorporate the personnel side of leadership in the workplace
  • Manage group dynamics and development of teams
  • Identify proven methods of leadership

Conducting Effective Performance Reviews

This program addresses the process for completing and delivering effective performance reviews. One of the biggest complaints from employees is about the lack of feedback. This program directly addresses this complaint

Objectives of the program:

  • Understand performance evaluation process
  • Develop a system for note taking
  • Deliver effective performance reviews

360 Feedback

This is a one-on-one program that enables leaders to receive clear feedback from their superior and their subordinates and in a non-threatening and safe environment. The focus is on future performance.


  • Give and receive feedback accurately
  • Identify potential career “derailers”
  • Recognize blind spots and patterns that may limit leadership effectiveness
  • Develop a specific action plan for future growth


“Fantastic, interesting, well worth my time.”

Derek Wortham
Vice President
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