Integrity Is Dead

Integrity is dead. Accountability just joined it. Just ask Major League Baseball.

In case you missed it, there is clear evidence the Houston Astros cheated in winning the World Series in 2017. This also casts doubt on their 2019 title run but let’s stick to the facts.

Two executives were suspended for a year. The players got a free pass. And the Commissioner, the man charged with enforcing the rules, called the World Series trophy “just a “piece of metal” and MLB didn’t need to get it back from the Astros for their tainted 2017 World Series title.”

He diminished the entire point of playing. Imagine the NHL calling the Stanley Cup just a piece of metal, or the NFL calling the Lombardi Trophy anything less.

Pete Rose got banned from baseball for LIFE because he bet on the game. No players got banned for CHEATING this time.

The front page gives us plenty of examples of people behaving badly which is why leaders living their values and being a role model in a company is so important.

Our People In Construction Report confirms this. Over 90% of respondents agreed ignoring core values will get you in trouble. IF you have values, protect them. If not, anything goes.

People do respect honesty, they just don’t see it as much. Let them see it from you.

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