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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Wally to speak for our group?
Superior Content AND Superior Delivery.

What about the rest of the team?
Same! Superior content and superior delivery from every FireStarter

What is superior content?
Wally knows leadership. He led successfully in the Marines and in Corporate
America. His work as a consultant enables him to see and work with many
unique situations giving him deeper insights into the subject. He is an
advisor on, Non-Resident Fellow for Marine Corps University,
President Elect of the State Chapter of National Speakers Association and a
contributor to countless journals and publications on the subject of

What about superior delivery?
There are a lot of people who know about leadership but there are precious
few who can deliver it in an exciting, dynamic and entertaining manner.
Wally is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) member of the National
Speakers Association (NSA). Only ten percent of the members of NSA have
earned this designation. He consistently receives high marks and high praise
from audiences and meeting planners. He mixes humor, energy, passion and a
genuine concern for his audience into a memorable presentation.

What kind of presentations does Wally do?
1) General session keynotes for a meeting or convention
2) Concurrent educational sessions at a convention or show
3) In-house educational workshops for a company or association

Does Wally work alone?
That all depends on the objectives of the engagement or meeting. FireStarter
is a virtual corporation comprised of like-minded successful leaders who
want to help others. FireStarter uses subject matter experts (SMEs) for each
of its workshops and keynotes. Every presentation is delivered by someone on
the A team. There are no junior consultants or interns at FireStarter.
Everyone on the team is a seasoned professional with memorable platform

What do FireStarter presenters need for their presentations?
That depends on the format and audience size but a wireless lapel microphone
and riser is generally needed for keynotes and concurrent sessions with
large group. For the educational sessions a data projector with screen is
needed. We are pretty flexible and will work with you to make sure the
content gets delivered effectively.

Will Wally and the other consultants tailor their presentation to the group?
Absolutely, there is no way we can truly connect with your audience unless
we do tailor the content. We will research your company, interview key
stakeholders, and use examples of your product where possible. Our comments
will be focused on your specific challenges and appropriate to your strategy
and values.

Where does FireStarter work?
We work primarily across North America and travel internationally for select

What results can I expect when using FireStarter?
First of all attendees will enjoy the experience and be happy you chose a
speaker who didn't bore them to tears. Beyond that your audience will learn
key leadership principles they will immediately apply on the job. The
tailoring of the presentation to your situation virtually guarantees this.

How else can FireStarter help my event?
Many organizations and associations have a newsletter or magazine. We will
provided articles before the event to help build awareness for the event. We
can do this after the event to help reinforce key principles from the
presentation. In addition to that, just ask us to do whatever you need us to
do. We work for you!

Is he a low maintenance speaker?
Wally is a NO maintenance speaker. Two reasons for that. First, he was in
the Marines for ten years. There isn't anything you can do to him that is
worse than anything he experienced there. Second, Wally knows he is part of
the meeting and the message not THE meeting and message. He knows you have a lot to do and wants to help you have a successful event. He will work with
you to make that happen. He is truly easy to work with and very responsive
to your needs. Unlike many speakers, Wally doesn't require 50% of his fee
up-front to hold the date nor does he require payment at the time of the
presentation. He will invoice you upon successful completion of all work.

How do I book Wally and his team?
Email us, call us or use this form and let us know what you need. If you
THINK you might want to use us then please get in touch and we will put a
no-obligation, no-cost "hold" on the date. Then we will work together to
determine the best way for FireStarter to support your group.

How did Wally become a speaker?
As an expert on leadership, every job and experience in his life directly
contributed to the person he is today and to his command of the material.
From a delivery perspective he has a solid natural aptitude for speaking, he
does a lot of speaking to get better, and has a coach to help him speak at
the very highest levels of the profession.

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Client Comments:

"I want to personally thank you helping to make NJCUL’s Leadership Conference such a huge success. Your presentations were full of relevant information and very well received. From that first meeting in Baltimore last year, I knew you would be great – and you were!"

Yvette Segarra
Manager of Special Events
New Jersey Credit Union League

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