When was the last time you were praised?

How frequently do you receive recognition from your manager? (Of course, the question behind that is how often do you give positive feedback?) Daily? Weekly? Monthly? What is recognition? I was rereading the results from our big People In Construction Report as I prepare to do it for a national construction trade association and the answers struck me. Twenty seven percent of nearly 500 respondents for the report answered, “What is recognition?” OUCH. Yet, research published in Harvard Business Review confirms that top performing teams give each other more than FIVE positive comments for every one criticism! Six percent said daily, 27% weekly, 38% monthly. C’mon folks. Catch your people doing something right. A paycheck is not positive feedback. Not good when people say, “Well, I haven’t gotten my butt chewed lately so I must be doing OK.” We laugh at that, but we know that is how it really is. Positive feedback costs you nothing and gains you a lot.

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