What Do You Do for a Living?

It has been quite some time… my daughter was in first grade and I was often able to be in the classroom to help out. It was me and the moms! Midway through the year, her teacher approached me with a request: could she ask a personal question. Of course.


“Mr. Adamchik, what do you do for a living??” I smiled and gave the easy answer, “I am a professional speaker. Why?”


She replied that I was often the only dad at daytime school events. And when she asked my daughter about my job, the answer she got was, “He talks.”


Funny, I get the same question from folks today. To be clear: I speak and consult on leadership and leadership-related issues in the construction industry and in industries that support construction. There you have it, but that might still leave some blanks to fill in. So, to clarify:


·        I do keynote speeches for annual meetings and conventions.

·        I conduct longer workshops and trainings for firms and associations.

·        I work with companies to create multi-day leadership training. These are aimed at the front line as well as emerging leader/ executive level. For the highest level, I collaborate with some really smart folks—Ph.Ds, from NC State.

·        I deliver one-on-one executive coaching.

·        I facilitate team planning sessions.

·        I conduct job benchmarking to create optimal hiring profiles

·        I consult on human capital issues

·        I offer virtual, online interactive leadership learning

·        I have written two books and am always writing articles. You can use these in your publications, newsletters, etc.

·        I have a great team who supports on all these.

·        Etc!!


In other words, there are a full range of services and offerings available to you from FireStarter Speaking and Consulting. If you are curious, or if you think I might be able to help, contact me and we can talk it over. If I can’t support you, maybe I know someone who can. Spending 99% of my time in the construction world for nearly the past twenty years enables me to fully understand your challenges and work with you to solve them.


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Laura Barrett
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