A Cautionary Tale

A cautionary tale for you.

Can you open the spigot?

Entering the last downturn I was working with one of the ENR Top 50 Subcontractors. As projects were cancelled and delayed we talked budgets and the implications for leader development.

The comment from the VP of People has stuck with me.

He said, “After 9/11 we shut everything down to save cash. But when the recovery came, we needed people, we opened the spigot and nothing came out. We are not going to let that happen to us again.”

We kept training and they were well positioned to take advantage of opportunities in the recovery. I talked to that same VP the other day and the thought-process is the same. “We know we will work off some backlog in the next few months, and things may be a bit slower later this year/early next year. That is when we will do even more training. We know a recovery will come and we will be ready for it.”

My question to you, my loyal reader, will you be ready too or will you be eclipsed by firms who are?

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"At first I was a bit skeptical... but you were able to slowly rule over my skepticism with your candid stories, accurate information on ‘true’ leadership and your closing statement. “Here are the tools; I have not given you application but merely the tools to be great leaders.” Your stories about the next generation and not forcing them to “pay their dues” really struck a chord as well as your analysis of generation Y and their constant need for information…"

Dan Cullen
JP Cullen & Sons, Inc.