Why Should You Choose Wally Adamchik?

When you are looking for a professional leadership speaker, there are certainly plenty of speakers to choose from, all claiming to be the best. The truth is that some are very good; but many are not. I am one of your best choices. Here's why:

Real world experience

You don't get academic solutions that work only in the classroom. You get proven solutions that actually work in the real world. I know because I, as well as my clients, have used them with success.

Passion for my subject

I get excited talking about this stuff and your people will get excited listening to me. As an opener to set the tone, a closer to punctuate the entire meeting, or during your meeting to make it meaty, I raise the energy level of everyone in the room. I light that "fire in the belly." People leave with an increased commitment to meeting organizational goals.

Compassion for the audience

I have suffered through too many bad presentations in my life, and I know what it feels like for bright, active people to sit in a room that feels like it is devoid of oxygen. That is why I connect with my listeners on a personal level. My presentations are not about me; they are about the listeners. They recognize that and respond with positive action., which brings about higher levels of achievement.

Whatever it takes

I work for you. I embrace your challenges as if they were my own and invest all of myself in the outcome. If we need to move chairs because they were set up wrong, we move chairs. If I need to spend extra time with someone who missed the event, I do that. Whatever it takes.

You can relax when you choose me

I appreciate your confidence and recognize your investment in direct and indirect costs to conduct our sessions. Your attendees appreciate that you made the right choice. Your money is well spent and people will compliment you on your choice of speakers.


I admit that I love to speak, but you don't get ego with me. You get a down-to-earth, fun-loving professional who is genuinely concerned for your group.


I am quietly confident because of the knowledge that I've faced challenges and beaten them. I don't boast about my life. I call on some truly unique experiences to illustrate points to the audience. They understand this and we share in the learning.

Service after the sale

I often communicate with audience members long after a presentation, to offer pointers and suggestions for ongoing improvement. We develop custom follow-on material to reinforce concepts covered in the presentation. This drives up retention, which drives up your return on investment.

Continuous improvement

I keep learning every day. I read daily about my subject areas, regularly interview industry experts to remain current, and am always refining my presentation skills. I attend trade association meetings and National Speaker Association seminars to stay on top of my game. This makes me a relevant, up-to-date, speaking professional who delivers the best solution for your unique situation.

In a nutshell

I successfully led in the Marines, and later in business, by establishing credibility with people early on, and maintaining it daily. I treat people with respect and give them a standard to live up to. My associates trust me to deliver, and I do. My top priority as a leader was, and is, to help my people succeed. It is also my top priority as your speaker/consultant--to help your people succeed and to make your organization more successful.

I know you will develop the same trust and confidence in me as my other clients have. And I look forward to the opportunity to support you.

“Enjoyable, knowledgeable, and thought-provoking presentation delivered with finesse.”

Brian Newsome