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In life, we experience grief. For many of you, this will be one of those times. Stages of grief:

Shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, testing, acceptance.

Where are you now? These don’t always happen in order. But I am sure many of us are shocked by the absolute devastation to the economy. The TSA said 90% LESS people are flying today compared to last year. This is so real and we don’t have any real idea what is coming next. I am sure some of you are depressed at the prospect of a layoff.

Great leaders have a high degree of self-awareness. Do you know what you are feeling today? Most of my clients are “get it done” folks so they are working their way through the troubles but anger or depression might be just below the surface. I don’t know. You do – IF – if you stop to look inside yourself.

My clients are busy, I am trying to give space. Helping where I can and letting them know we are here to support.

Primary function today was simply talking to execs who need a place to vent and be vulnerable. Let me know if you want to vent or brainstorm. I can only play so much golf and you can only work so hard.

By the way, I am finally kicking around on YouTube. Some daily thoughts and tips. FireStarter Speaking is the channel, check it out here.

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