Are you staying the course or looking for the door?

We have a new puppy. A rescue. The first two months of his life were pretty rough. He doesn’t like the car, doesn’t like the look of a leash and is inconsistent in his behavior. One minute the perfect pup, the next minute NOT.

He is what he is and we are working through some things, learning new ways to own/train a dog. We aren’t giving up on him. He is a good dog – most of the time – and brings joy to the house (except when he has an accident at a random time).

I tell you this because you have employees who have had bad experiences. Either at Momma’s house growing up or from some other boss who was a jerk. But rather than work hard to help them along, we often push them out the door. Rather than show them some love, we show them progressive discipline (which needs to happen at some point) which really means we are progressing them towards the door.

I had a coaching client who pushed back to any male boss he thought aggressive. Turns out his father was a bully, this was his correction to all that. With awareness he now gets along with all.

I am confident our new pup will be a well-behaved dog. There will be some setbacks. We will stay the course.

With labor availability a real issue, are you staying the course with new employees or looking for the door?


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"I've had some very positive feedback from many of our employees and you definitely made a very constructive impact on our organization. I'm confident the day we invested with you will serve as a catalyst for an outstanding year and beyond!"

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